Friday, November 12, 2010

I think I need pictures

I think I need some pictures up. When I first started this, I guess I was so paranoid of someone I know stumbling upon this that I wanted nothing of who I was on here. But as time goes on, and I continue to loose, I am not as worried anymore. I think I will have to update with some pictures. Maybe when I hit 50 pounds:) I hope to hit 43 this week!
I was traveling for work this week and one of the strangest things I have noticed about traveling for work now is that it isn't as fun anymore, now thatI am not "free eating" my weight in chinese food or Starbucks. I used to love to travel, I could eat with reckless abandon. Work would pay for everything and I could start my day with a full fat latte, and not stop until I had dessert after dinner and snacks back at my hotel. Now, I have my skinny vanilla latte, light lunch and typical dinner. Today at the airport I even got an apple, beef jerky and protein bar and then got the fruit and cheese plate on the plane. Seriously - this is craziness for me.
I even worked out twice in the hotel gym and was bummed I didn't have time to go yesterday so planning a trip in today before I go get my kids.
I dare say this lifestyle is changing me. Yahoo!

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