Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sooooo close to 30 pounds

I have been hoovering around 28 pounds for about a week and I am so close to 30 but just can't seem to hit it. I had my 2nd fill about 10 days ago, and then had to go to Denver for work, the next day (Only for one night). Well, I have read enough of your blogs to know they won't do it for you if you are going out of town, but I didn't think that one night would matter.
Well, I had my fill (they did 1cc) on Wed and then PB up soup that night. The next day I flew to Denver and I was so so tight, I could not get down anything. I had about 3 sips of a latte and a yogurt shake, and was miserable. Shakey from not eating and just feeling like shit. I met a friend for dinner that night, could not get down a sip of wine or any of my meal. I finally got down some soup on Friday, but had to call my Dr. and have her come in on Sat and do an unfill.
I had a barium swallow and blech - but she removed .75cc and I felt SO much better. So I was down about 6 pounds in 3 days, and she said I would gain almost all of it back, which I didn't, but have not lost anything since. That was a week go.
I went out with DH last night and had drinks, real drinks:) A chocolate martini and 2 glasses of wine - and steak. I have almost NO restriction which sucks, so I am relying on will power...not good. I was so so snacky today, I wanted to eat anythign that was not nailed down. I am going out of town for a week so I am not going to get a fill until I get back - and I know I am going to eat at least 6 meals out while i am out of town, so I am hoping I just stay the same while I am out of town.
Nothing else too exciting going on, looks like everyone had a wonderful time at BOOBS! I think it should be a yearly thing! Would love to come next time:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pain!! While I figure this thing out!

So, I am one week into my fill. I still feel like I do not have a ton of restriction, I am not getting full I am still just forcing myself to eat when I have had "enough". I am satisfied most of the time, but not full by any means:)
However, I feel like whenever I eat, the first few bites HURT like hell! I have never thrown up yet- but I feel them get stuck - and the pain right in my chest while they work their way down and the slming. I have always managed to get everything down, but the first 5 mins of any meals sucks. I am wondering if I am eating too fast? Am I taking too big of bites or not chewing wel enough?
Or is this just the way it is? Do others feel this too? I sure hope this isn't a forever thing.
My husband said perhaps I need some fluid let out? However as I am not getting super full, and once I get those first few painful bites down, I seem to do ok, I don't think and unfill is really what I need?
Anyone been through this before? Thoughts?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

20 pounds GONE and my first fill

Well, today I finally hit the 20 pound mark. This is 5 weeks and 2 days after starting my Pre Op Diet and 4 weeks 2 days after getting banded. It feels good, it feels better than good, it feels great:) However,I have seen this number before. I think until I hit the point where I am seeing NEW numbers that I have not hit (As I have gained and lost the same 30 pounds a bazillion times in the past 7 years) it will not seem real. Things feel better and fit better, but I am just so anxious for the next 20 to come off, where I can really tell, that I have a hard time celebrating this success.
I had my first fill yesterday - I came in having 3.1 in the band (From surgery). They put me at 4.7, but I could not get water down. I went to drink it and started sliming and then they took out .3 to leave me at 4.4.
It seems ok, I will tell over the next couple days if that is enough.
They did say liquids last night (Soup) but she said today to just take it easy - didn't leave me with a strict food list like I thought (I thought it would have to be 1 day liquids, 1 day mushies) but they saidto use my best judgement.
Anyway, doing well, keeping on keeping on:)