Saturday, November 6, 2010

3 month bandiversary

Well, this week was my 3 month bandiversary. I can not really believe that it has already been 3 months, but as this was something the months of thought went into and the lead up appointments, meetings, and all of that, it feels like this has been way more than 3 months:)
I hit 40 pounds on my 3 month date- it was such a wonderful feeling. I think the best feeling is that I actually feel like this is a lifestyle change - way more than anything I have ever done. It is amazing and scary at the time to think that this is actually happening and I will meet my goal.
As I am not the best blogger, I am going to use this to also capture my meals - mostly for me as I make these great low cal/low fat band friendly meals and then always forget them as I don't ever write down a recipe. So, now I can look back at my blog to come up with meal ideas:)
Tonight we had:
Salmon Spinach Salad
One large Salmon Fillet
1 teaspoon olive oil
juice from one lemon
2 tablespoons teriyaki sauce
garlic salt
chili powder

Took Salmon Fillet- spread olive oil, lemon juice and teriyaki sauce
sprinkle garlic salt, salt and pepper and chili powder over top
Bake at 420 for around 20 minutes, until done

1/4 cup feta cheese
Red Onion Slices
Hard Boiled Egg (I put the yolk on my husbands salad)
Spinach Salad Dressing(I found one in the refridgerator section for 70 calories and 1/2 gram of fat per 2 Tbl.

Perpare salad with the above ingredients and then put warm salmon on top of salad.

I figure for my salad it was about 350 calories and 20 grams of protien.

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