Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rough Month

Well, it has been a rough month. I have hit the plateau of all plateaus! I have been gaining and losing the same 2 or 3 pounds for the past 5 weeks. It is so frusterating! I did start to do Atkins last Monday (8 days ago) to see if I could kick start something - it seems to be working, but not as rapidly as others (and I have been hard core about following and sticking to the 20 net carbs a day) and it has been going ok. I said I would to it for 2 weeks to jump start and see if I could kick myself through this plateau.
I was 192.2 this morning so in a perfect world I will get into the 180's next week and stay there!
I have a goal for myself to be at 187 by the time I go to visit my family in June - that is the 19th so that gives me one month to lose 5 pounds. I can totally do that! I just have to do everything to ensure that happens:) The reason for that number is becuase when I saw them in January the last time I saw them I was 207, so for me, I really wanted to be at least down 20 more pounds before I saw them the next time.
I do feel like I just am not seeing the results in the mirror. I felt like I was in a solid size 14 and then I put on some 16's tonight and they were perfect fit- I thought I would OUT of this size. I just feel like I have been in the SAME clothes for the last 20 pounds and I am just sick of it. I have some awesome designer jeans but I have so much muffin top when I wear them that I have to wear a loose shirt. I don't know,I am in a funk tonight, I just thought that 192 would FEEL different and instead I still feel the same. Big. Sigh.
I have high hopes that 187 will make me feel amazing, but not sure that 5 pounds will make that much of a mental difference....