Monday, August 9, 2010

10 pounds! Holla!

Well, I am feeling better today. I still have some pain/tenderness in the area where my port is, but overall feeling better which is good becuase I have a huge freaking pile of laundry to tackle!
Today I am down 10 pounds, I lost about 4 pounds Pre Op and then another 6 since.
I am doing ok, but feeling like I am on a "diet". I don't have any restiction so all being good falls to me w/o the help of my band.
Tomorrow is one week and today I started my mushy food phase. I had oatmeal and cottage cheese for dinner. Yum. Who knew that could taste that good:) I think I will make talapia for dinner tonight with sweet potatoes as they are both on the mushy food list! Mmmmm......
I go in tomorrow for my one week follow up and to schedule my first fill. I am looking forward to feeling full and staying full longer, but the thought of PB'ing, Sliming and all of that makes me terrified:) I am sure I will handle it all as it comes, but now the fear of the unknown is huge!
10 down....90 to go:)

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