Saturday, December 11, 2010


So I have been reading everyone elses posts about hitting a plateau, but in the past 4+ months I have not hit any nor have I really had any big issues with temptation. For some reason this week all of that is shot to hell.
I have been at the same weight all week, and have been so tempted. I ate a truffle today - not a big deal, but considering I have had no issues with tempation this is a huge deal. I want to eat. Everything. I want wine. Lots of it.
and I have 4 nights out next week, with friends and work parties so this is not a good time to be facing issues with temptaion.
I just got a fill 2 weeks ago, but I still can eat pizza and way to much food, so I think I may need another one.
Here is hoping I can make it through the week next, I can live with little to no loss, but I am praying for no gain!
I go home to my mom and dads (several states away) in about 6 weeks, I am hoping and praying to hit the 60 pound mark by the time I go. Here is hoping!!

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  1. I think for me it was around the 4 months mark I had lost a lot quickly and my body finally platued a will get through it..if you can eat pizza it does sound like you may need a fill, if you like having really good restricition..I find with really good restriction I crave things less.