Friday, December 31, 2010

57...and counting:)

I found myself doing a Bing Search tonight on how many calories in a bottle of Red Wine. LOL. Actually it is only 500, which is less than one margarita! Awesome!
I have been doing well, I have still enjoyed the holidays with some treats here and there, and a glass of wine more often than not, and I have managed to still loose a little bit and end the year 57 pounds lower than the day I started my Pre Op Diet. I will totally take it!
I hope that 2011 brings all of you a wonderful year as well as the number on the scale that you have been waiting to see. For me that number is 178. I am about 33 pounds away from that. Amazing to think I am only 33 pounds away from goal. Kinda scary, but amazing in the same. My son took a picture of me tonight and i was shocked that I didn't have to delete it before someone else took a look at it. That is wasn't the first in line with to remove the picture from the camera. That may be the biggest victory of this year:)

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