Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pain!! While I figure this thing out!

So, I am one week into my fill. I still feel like I do not have a ton of restriction, I am not getting full I am still just forcing myself to eat when I have had "enough". I am satisfied most of the time, but not full by any means:)
However, I feel like whenever I eat, the first few bites HURT like hell! I have never thrown up yet- but I feel them get stuck - and the pain right in my chest while they work their way down and the slming. I have always managed to get everything down, but the first 5 mins of any meals sucks. I am wondering if I am eating too fast? Am I taking too big of bites or not chewing wel enough?
Or is this just the way it is? Do others feel this too? I sure hope this isn't a forever thing.
My husband said perhaps I need some fluid let out? However as I am not getting super full, and once I get those first few painful bites down, I seem to do ok, I don't think and unfill is really what I need?
Anyone been through this before? Thoughts?

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